Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here's my new blog. I will be working on this everyday trying to reach all you crazy Steve Mckenna'D fans out there and keep you updated as to what Zane Lamprey and I are doing. Currently we are on the "Sing The Booze" tour rolling around the country on Zane's tour bus and singing drinking songs to all of our fans. Today, we are in Denver, CO and playing tonight at the Gothic Theatre. Come see us! Cheers!


  1. Still looking for footage... But someone told me yall were in Vegas a few days ago and I should join the tour. All I have to offer is a $10 1980's suit, a pair of flip up wayfarer sunglasses, and an addiction to getting Steve McKenna'd. Where do I sign up? - Don Johnson

  2. The blog's a good idea, good work. Looking forward to tonight.

  3. Cheers!